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Project consists of widening the SR-47 to 110 N connector for increased traffic flow from the Port of Los Angeles. Package consists of widening both on/off ramps at 110 north & John S. Gibson.

What Miranda Logistics did:

  • Characterize, profile, manifest, RCRA-hazardous & non-hazardous contaminated soil.

  • Dispose material to a class 1 regulated landfill per EPA, DTSC and California law.

  • Port Compliant Equipment per 2007 spec

  • Recycled Class 2 aggregate base for replacement of unstuitable material

SR-47 & 1-10 N Widening
LAX Taxiway T Expansion

Miranda Logistics Enterprise LLC succesfully helped CC/CS export 200,000 cy from the Los Angeles World Airport (LAX).


  • 30+ California Air Resource Board (CARB) certified trucks,

  • Extensive early planning,

  • Good leadership, management, and first line supervision,

  • Quick response to changes,

  • Met production goals daily,

  • Maintained DBE/SBE/MBE status

Los Angeles County, Department of Public Works

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Works contract is our first large scale logistics project. We are appreciative of the trust given to us by the county and the Department of Public Works.

In August 2011, an "RFP" or Request for Proposals was solicited from the county. Material hauling services were to be awarded to 10 contractors with a Department budget of $ 10,000,000. 98 Companies submitted requests, 28 attended the mandatory pre-bid meeting, 14 submitted proposals, 10 were awarded contracts and Three Way Hauling LLC in it's first year of operation was ranked 4th amongst contractors.

We look forward to providing outstanding logistic solutions to the County of Los Angeles. Our goals are to meet and exceed the challenging demands our Los Angeles community and Department of Public Works required.

Orange County, Department of Parks & Recreation

Our environment is fragile. You don’t have to go far to find land, water or air that has been abused by humans. We all know that littering and polluting is bad for the environment, so why are we still doing it?

Miranda Logistics and Orange County have teamed up to provide clean, safe environments for the county residents to enjoy at their nearest park and recreation center. We are 100% dedicated to providing EPA standard level of service and expect to dutifully manifest the goals the department has established in protecting our environment.

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