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  • Soil Characterization and Profiling

  • RCRA, Non-RCRA & Non-Hazardous Manifesting, Transportation and Disposal



Licensed as a Hazardous Waste Substance Removal contractor, Miranda Logistics will safely and cost effectively handle most kinds of environmental remediation. 


With a proven record in site characterization, profiling, transportation and disposal, it only made sense our team began performing remediation services in an effort to package and control waste streams from contaminant inception to the corrective and restored state of the site. With a toolbox as extensive as our teams, we can help our customers in all aspects of hazardous containment and clean up.

  • Super 10's

  • End Dump's

  • Bottom Dump's

  • Flat/Stretch Beds


Transportation and timely delivery of goods and services are the main factors contributing to
a successful projects conclusion. Miranda Logistics Enterprise, Inc makes it a priority to implement a strategic plan that exclusively looks into the most efficient way of executing the transport of materials from the point of source to the point of destination.

  • C-12 Clearing and Grubbing

  • C-12 Excavation

  • C-12 Rough and Fine Grading

    • GPS and Laser Capable

  • C-12 Backfill and Compaction

  • C-12 Footings, Trenches and Foundations


The scope of the excavation job varies from digging footings for a small building to moving millions of cubic yards of earth. The one thing all excavation jobs have in common, though, is that careful planning is the key to success.

Excavation is often used as a broad term which includes cut (or excavation) and fill (or embankment). Cut is defined as removing material to lower the elevation of an area. Fill is defined as placing material to raise the elevation of an area. Compaction must take place during a fill operation to increase the density of the soil material being placed. 

​Miranda Logistics specializes in the following scopes of work: Clearing & Grubbing, Remove and Re-compact (R&R), Mass Excavation, Rough & Fine Grading, Structural Excavation​, Backfill & Compact. 

Our services include, but are not limited to: road repair items, broken asphalt, broken concrete, sand, gravel, aggregate base, new asphalt, flood area material, dirt, mud, debris, quarry rock, emergency repair materials, sandbags, barricades and many others. See below for additional information on what Miranda Logistics can offer you:

  • Sand and Gravel

  • Hot Mix Asphalt

  • Rip Rap

  • Ballast



Aggregates have an amazing variety of uses. Imagine our lives without roads, bridges, streets, bricks, concrete, wallboard, and roofing tiles or without paint, glass, plastics, and medicine. Every small town or big city and every road connecting them were built and are
maintained with aggregates.

More than 90 percent of asphalt pavements and 80 percent of concrete are aggregates. Paint, paper, plastics, and glass also require sand, gravel, or crushed stone as a constituent.

Wholesale Materials
Hazardous Waste
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